ISPS Ships Security Officer (SSO)

In the maritime world, safety and security are paramount. The three-day ISPS Ships Security Officer course is the required training to carry out duties on board vessels as a ship’s security officer and comply with international maritime security standards.

During the three day programme, our instructors provide the essential skills to maintain and supervise the implementation of a ship’s security plan, assess security risk, threat and vulnerability, undertake regular inspections of the vessel to ensure appropriate security measures are implemented and maintained, the security measures for handling cargo, and to monitor security equipment ensuring it is operated, tested, calibrated and maintained.

This course also cover’s specific threats including piracy, terrorism and other such occurrences.

Pre-requisite experience:

12 months sea service or as the discretion of the MCA – appropriate sea service (minimum three months) and knowledge of ships operations to enable them to achieve the objectives of training.

Duration: Three days

What’s included: Tuition, Tea and Coffee.

Qualifications: ISPS Ship Security Officer (SSO) – ISPS Code and STCW 78 Reg.VI/5 STCW Code Section A-VI/5

Course fee inclusive of VAT: £510