Secura Associates

Train2Survive are proud to recommend and promote Secura Associates as part of their Preferred Operational Strategic Partners List.

Secura Associates are owned and operated by seasoned operatives with extensive security related backgrounds and have been established to provide global clients with a comprehensive, professional service based on customer satisfaction, discretion and loyalty.

Furthermore Secura Associates management team has been assembled from some of the very best hands-on and strategic leaders who have honed their skills in some of the world’s most challenging high-risk environments. With a strong background in the British Military, Maritime, Private Security and business sectors, Secura Associates have an excellent pedigree with impressive and effective connections to the highest level in both Government agencies and the Commercial world.

We have worked with Secura Associates on numerous occasions and would highly recommend their services.

Ian Perkins
Managing Director

“Quiet efficiency is the hallmark of the expert” Welcome to the Secura Associates Ltd website.

Current Terror Threats:

“The Paris and Tunisia attacks, while tragic must be taken into context. Media hype will dramatize and hype up an already terrible event to attract viewing numbers – but people should have a better perspective of such events and avoid being terrorised, which is what the bad people want!

You stand more chance of being killed or injured in a car crash or crossing the road than in a terrorist attack. That said, terrorists and criminals plan their attack – their victims have to respond as best they can.

SO, how can you better prepare yourself in case you are caught up in such an event?

Some simple precautions will go a long way: stay away from “troubles”, do not attract attention with your clothing, manner or loud speaking. Pay attention to travel warnings and advice from your tour operator and the Foreign Office: just because it is warm and sunny does not mean you can come to no harm. Of course having taken a basic or advanced first aid course from Train2Survive can also help should the worst happen.

For the serious traveller or those working abroad we run Hostile Environment Awareness Courses – why not get your employer or agency to put you and your colleagues on this valuable course. Or even book a course with a group of friends – it will be fun AND very worthwhile in todays climate.

Download our free PDF leaflet  that contains many excellent tips on personal safety, whether at home or working or living abroad.”


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