Personal Fitness

Train2Survive Personal Fitness Training: Fitness and personal development solutions – for those who demand the best.

Personal Training:

Our Personal Training team will help you achieve that little extra from your exercise routine. Plus they will provide the inspiration and knowledge you need to reach the next level.

Benefits of having a Personal Trainer
• Focus; clearly define goals & monitor progress
• Motivation; train harder & wiser
• Knowledge; valuable insight into what truly works & use latest training techniques confidently
• Accountability; stick to your workouts knowing you have regular sessions with your trainer.

Personal Training Options
• One-on-One
• Buddy Training
• Small Group
• “Tough Stuff”.

Whatever you want from your training, we can help. Get in the best shape of your life: Get In. Get Fit. Redefine yourself, for fitness, performance and life. Reach your full potential. See the results. Feel the difference.

People have many different requirements from their Personal Training:

Self Image: Lifestyle – Energy – Results, a better body a better Life. Fit looks good for every body.

Active career or lifestyle: Flexibility, Strength. Endurance. For fighting fitness in Martial Arts etc. Pre military service fitness uplifts and coaching.

Advancing years / declining health: Some of us do not want to attend a Gym for whatever reason; some may not be physically able to. Train2Survive’s Personal fitness training can help your general Health, Fitness and Wellness at a pace that suits YOU in your office or home. Transform your mind, body, and life.

Sedentary lifestyle /deskbound: Are you lacking that “get up and go?” Personal Fitness Training can bring back the “get up and go” you though had “got up and gone”.

NO CONTRACTS: Personal fitness redefined. A personal fitness plan that fits in with your busy lifestyle and budget. No long term contracts or credit agreements – simply choose the training plan that suits your requirements in consultation with our Training Advisers and start investing in your life today. No hidden extras – session fees are all inclusive and personal to YOU. Choose what you want for as long as you want.